Terms and Conditions

Warranty Eligibility

Be it domestic or international tyre brands in India, nearly all have similar warranty eligibility criteria. Any car tyre or tube that the consumer believes is defected will be first inspected by the tyre maker's engineers. If, as per the warranty conditions, they find that there was an actual flaw from their side, it will be replaced on a pro-rata wear basis. And the amount compensated to the consumer (for the tyre) depends upon the percentage of tread wear. An important point to note here is that the warranty is only applicable to the first owner and is non-transferable. Tampered tyre/tube-like distorted serial number, ply rating, tyre size, etc. - will not be eligible for any warranty terms.

Exclusions In Warranty

  • Damaged tyre/tube due to rough/inappropriate use or storage
  • Tyre/tube that has been repaired or re-capped during the warranty period
  • Tyre/tube injured during a vehicle accident or due to mechanical faults in the vehicle
  • Exposed tread wear indicators (TWI) of 1.6 mm depth
  • Unsuitable usage of tyre/tube size and/or specification
  • Tyre/tube injured during a vehicle accident or due to mechanical faults in the vehicle
  • Tyres shared or installed with any other vehicle other than the original vehicle on which they were fitted
  • Damage caused by the malfunctioning of wheel alignment, wheel imbalance, or defective shockers/brakes, improper inflation, overloading, etc.
  • Other damages include improper mounting or demounting, tyre alteration, tampering, running flat and other abuse
  • Roadside damages include puncture, cut, impact damage, bruise, stone pierce or bulge
  • Purchase of tyre/tube made through unauthorized sellers, or unlawfully imported tyre/tube
  • The sidewall warranty is not covered under tyre warranty

Warranty Claim Procedure

If, as per the warranty conditions, the tyre becomes unserviceable, the consumer is required to bring the tyre under complaint to the respective brand's sales/service office or can walk into any authorised dealer of that specific tyre make. The deposited tyre will be inspected by the company authorized technical staff member. The inspection details and result is communicated by email or SMS by the company on the given email id or mobile number provided during the deposit of the damaged product. Ideally, the consumer receives the company intimation within 7 days from the date of deposit. In case the consumer is not contacted within 7 days, the consumer should contact or walk into the brand office/dealer, at which the tyre was